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A Feature Documentary About How Patients Are Reinventing Medicine. Follow the extraordinary steps ordinary people are taking to help millions with chronic diseases find their way back to health.





IN OUR OWN HANDS: How Patients Are Reinventing Medicine opens with an urgent question posed by desperate patients and their families: can new technologies help us treat and prevent the most alarming and perhaps understated health threat that we face? 


The feature documentary, filmed over nine years, shows viewers the birth of the “Citizen Science” movement, and introduces a few of the courageous, imaginative individuals who are ushering in a new age of Digital Medicine. This film will change the way you think about illness and how we can stay healthy.



Elizabeth Horn

Elizabeth Horn is a storyteller devoted to illuminating possibilities in difficult situations. Using documentary as a lens to reveal complex subjects, Horn creates compelling examinations of the choices we make when there seem to be no choices left. Her uplifting, inspiring, sometimes controversial tales of families in crisis evoke passionate responses from viewers— shifting perspectives, driving empathy, and bringing desperate situations to light. Horn has 30 years of filmmaking experience beginning with vision films for Silicon Valley corporations, with a pivot to documentary and narrative film when her daughter was diagnosed with autism.

Steve Michelson

Steve Michelson is the Executive Producer at Lobitos Creek Ranch. Steve has functioned as the Executive Producer on many award-winning documentary films. Steve and partner Craig Malina founded Specialty Studios LLC to focus on the distribution of films about the environment, social justice and sustainability. Shortly after that, the company acquired The Video Project, a distributor of films to the educational market. The company represents about 320 films through its catalog and website and the streaming platform, called the MediaHub. Steve was Co-founder and President of One Pass, San Francisco's largest production and post-production studio. He is a recipient of the Gilbert Award for outstanding contribution to Northern California's film community. He has served four terms as a Governor with the National Academy for Television Arts and Sciences.




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